Everyone knows that parenting is hard work. Sometimes encouraging kids to play is just a matter of getting them out of your hair! Toys that encourage kids to play on their own are more than just attention-grabbers, though. They teach your lesson important lessons, especially in the all-important toddler years. Well-designed toys crafted specifically for this age bracket — like the Kidoozie Toys made by International Playthings — can educate and help build skills in addition to being entertaining.

Many of Kidoozie’s designs are useful and instructive in multiple skill-building categories. They also have a good balance between physical and mental stimulation. Depending on your selection of different Kidoozies, you can offer kids enjoyable outdoor romps or quiet, structured indoor play. You can rest assured that no matter where your children enjoy the Kidoozie line, they’ll be learning valuable lessons.

Below are all of my Kidoozie Toy reviews along with recommendations, warnings, and general overviews.