Tom in GuatemalaHi, my name is Tom Thayer and I am the author and creator of

I am a single father, an uncle, and a great uncle who enjoys spoiling the kids.  I have the benefit of being able to spend time with the kids and watching them grow and learn is one of my greatest enjoyments in life.

I have purchased a lot of toys over the years, for all different age groups, and therefore have extensive experience with the toy market as a whole.

Why did I create

I created this site simply because I was very impressed with the Kidoozie Toy line.  After going through many toys over the years, or should I say watching many toys fall apart over the years lol, I came across Kidoozie and realized that not only did they last longer than many other toys, they also seemed to provide the necessary enjoyment for the kids that it truly made them not only have but but also learn various life skills and improve motor skills.

After purchasing a few of these toys for the children in my life, I realized that people in general could benefit from these toys and that Kidoozie did not seem to be as large a toy manufacturer as I would have expected them to have been, given the quality and educational value of their products.

This website will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the various Kidoozie products as well as knowledge of the Kidoozie brand line itself.  You will find that the reviews of each product are straight forward and geared strictly towards the product itself.  You will also find recommendations for various ages and information should there be any health concerns.  This information will allow you to truly understand the benefits of the toy for your child.

Kidoozie Products Advertised On This Site
This website does contain some advertisements for various Kidoozie Toys that are being sold on Amazon, a trusted worldwide retailer.

There are certainly more Kidoozie Toys on the market than what can be found on this website, but I have reduced the overall selection and only presented quality products that I recommend.

In fact, I personally recommend the Build a Road X-Track set, and I can vouch for their performance and reliability. This is one of the best car and track sets available for kids and is extremely rugged. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to